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Words as powerful as
your purpose 

Standing out in a crowded inbox is haaard, yo!

As a service provider, coach, consultant, or creative... how do you get noticed and get results?

You send extraordinary emails.

Let's use email to turn lurkers into long-time lovers of what you do. We'll build authentic relationships with real people who want to hear from you. They'll become your favorite clients and steadfast supporters, convincing their circles that your expertise is indispensable.

✨ Emails that sound like *you* ✨

With Email strategy & conversion Copywriting

Want to send emails that sound like *you,* build relationships, &
make money?

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Lindsay has an uncanny ability
to get inside your head.

Lindsay gets inside your business to understand what matters and translates that into copy that works. I’m an experienced copywriter, but when it comes to writing my own emails, I often get stuck. Lindsay is one of those rare experts who understands the art and the science of her craft. And she gets voice. You can’t trust most people to write “as you” — you feel like you need an eye over their shoulder. Not with Lindsay. I can hand off what I need to get done knowing it will get done expertly, on time, and by someone who’s an absolute pleasure to work with. Her emails sound like me (sometimes they’re more like me than me than if I had written them). Bottom line, she’s great at what she does and she makes my life easier. That’s worth its weight in business gold. 

Lindsay totally nailed our voice.

She took the time to learn our industry and write interesting, compelling copy.

– Carol Docalavich, Owner of yourLTL and Vestra Logistics

Lindsay is a true guru in her craft!

Lindsay is simply amazing. She is versatile, driven, passionate, and knowledgeable. Translating ethereal ideas to high impact action plans. She captures vision into visuals. She is bold and wise and will not shy away from building new opportunities to grow with candid discussion. As a forever learner, she is always incorporating new knowledge into current practice. She's deliberate and diligent and able to move chaos to order. I can't express how grateful I am to have been able to work with Lindsay.


Thoughtfully crafted emails in *your* voice

Oh heyyyy... I'm Lindsay

I'm an inbox whisperer for service providers.

My expertise is crafting emails that resonate deeply with your audience, making each message feel like it's coming directly from you. Emails in your voice — written by me.

You might be freaking terrified at the thought of handing over the cursor to someone else to write emails FOR you, because…

You’re worried that you won’t find *the right person.*

You’re worried a partner won’t:

→ Use the language you’d use
→ Write in your tone and cadence
→ Understand the nuances of your industry/niche

You feel like you’d end up spending tons of hours of your already-stretched time rewriting, revising, & editing… Because they wouldn’t get it *just right.*

Here's my secret: Chameleon-ing into your voice is my superpower.

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