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You're too extraordinary to be sending average emails 

There's a reason you got into business. To make a difference. The people who visit your website want to make a difference too. The problem? So does your competition (even though you do it better). So how do you stand out? How do you glow like Mt. Everest when you're up against brands with the budgets of Olympus?  

You send awesome emails.

It's tough to stand out. Because you're not just dealing with your competitors, you're dealing with The World.

Let's use words as powerful as your purpose to convert lurkers into long-time brand aficionados. 

Pump up the power (and revenue) of your business by edu-taining your fans.


What's your destination?

Emails That Connect AND Convert 

In the inbox, it's you vs. everything else.
Getting noticed in a crowded inbox can be as hard as hiking the 26 mile Inca trail without the right hiking boots (I hiked it; trust me). You're competing with everything from brands like Patagonia to teacher's notes to nosy neighbors' messages on NextDoor.
Optimize your emails to increase your conversions, reduce churn, and escalate your revenue. 

EMail Marketing

Strategy, supercharged.
Whether you're new to email marketing or finally ready to put a method behind your outbox madness — I'll make a game plan to ensure you succeed in this channel.
Customer insights, relevant messaging, audience segmentation, timing, and content are the foundation of the customized email marketing strategy I'll create for you and your business.

Lindsay is an expert at taking philosophy to action.

Lindsay is simply amazing. She is versatile, driven, passionate, and knowledgeable. Translating ethereal ideas to high impact action plans. She captures vision into visuals. She is bold and wise and will not shy away from building new opportunities to grow with candid discussion. As a forever learner, she is always incorporating new knowledge into current practice. She's deliberate and diligent and able to move chaos to order. I can't express how grateful I am to have been able to work with Lindsay.

– Jen Briggs, Mosaic Creation

Lindsay totally nailed our voice.

She took the time to learn our industry and write interesting, compelling copy.

– Carol Docalavich, Owner of yourLTL and Vestra Logistics

Lindsay is a true guru in her craft!

She is very quick to respond and meets deadlines ahead of schedule.

Michael Mancha, Pilum


Scale your business with email marketing

If you’re looking to nurture leads into customers, build retention with current fans of your brand, and move people from thought to action (we’ll get them to hit “buy”) — let’s get this email show on the road.

Using insanely openable subject lines, entertaining stories, and conversion copywriting principles, I’ll build you an email strategy to escalate your conversions and the copy to complete it.

9 Super-Speedy Ways to Power Up Your Email Conversions

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Power Up Your Email Conversions


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