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One-Time Project

Got a one-time email problem?
Yo! I'll solve it.

From strategy to email mapping to copywriting, email implementation & optimization... lay it on me.
We'll find the best way to crush your goals!

Ongoing partnership:
Email Strategy & Copywriting



Some say retainer. I say partnership.

Let's work together to make an ongoing, monthly positive impact on your business through the inbox.

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3800 - 4200% =
That's the ROI of
email marketing

And you know what the best thing about email is...?

You control it.

You're not relying on the algorithms of social media platforms to build rapport with and sell to your audience.

Use a channel that you own — your email list — to build the know, like, & trust factor to connect and convert.

Boom! Helluva bang for your bucks.

1. Kick-off call

Kick-Off Call

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.
During the kick-off call, we’ll lay the groundwork for our project. We'll chat goals, timeline, process, deliverables, and feedback. 

2 Research & Discovery

3. Email Strategy & Mapping


5. Implementation & Optimization

1. Kick-Off Call

Research & Discovery

I’ll get into the heads of your customers and research what motivates them to buy. I’ll review and analyze voice of customer data, looking for the right messages and useful language to connect with and convert them.

2. Research & Discovery

3. Email Strategy & Mapping

4. Email COpywriting & Delivery


1. Kick-Off Call

Email Strategy & Mapping

It all starts with a goal — and to reach your goal, we need a plan. I'll create an email strategy & customer journey map outlining what emails to send, who to send them to, and when to send them.

2. Research & discovery

3. EMail Strategy & Mapping

4. Email Copywriting & Delivery


1. kick-off call

Email Copywriting & Delivery

I’ll put the power of your brand voice straight into each email. Using useful info, humor, storytelling, and personality, I'll build trust and drive sales. Your emails will be delivered in Google Docs w/ 3  high-converting subject lines, preview text (don’t ignore this valuable real estate!), and copy in a wireframe.

2. research & discovery

3. Email Strategy & Mapping

4. Email Copywriting & Delivery


1. kick-off call

Implementation & optimization

If you have a small-ish team and need help building your emails, creating automations/flows and campaigns, and managing analytics — I offer an option (in certain ESPs) to handle your implementation. We'll chat metrics (monthly for ongoing partnerships) and continually optimize all aspects of your emails.

2. research & discovery

3. Email Strategy & Mapping

4. Email Copywriting & Delivery

5. Implementation & OPtimization

Break it down: the process

Here's what sets me apart from other
email marketers:


EMail Strategy &
customer journey Mapping

I'm a super-savvy email marketer who thinks like a strategist.

  • What's working & what's not?
  • What needs improvement/optimization?
  • How can we use email to crush your business goals?

I'll build you a custom email strategy and a customer journey map. 

You can take it from here (you don't have to rely on me if you wanna do the copywriting/implementation/optimization with your team!) ... or we can dive deeper and I'll write your copy.


Conversion Copywriting

I'm a conversion copywriter who values copy written with personality. 

Boring emails get deleted. Your business is too important to waste time and energy creating crap that goes straight to the trash bin.

Let me take over your copywriting — this is where I shine!

I'll use insanely openable subject lines, curiosity-piquing preview text, and body copy that connects with your readers and converts them to paying customers.


ESP Implementation
& Optimization

If you use Klaviyo, ConvertKit, or MailChimp, you can be hands-off if you want me to take over your email marketing implementation. (I'll build campaigns, flows, and manage monthly analytics reporting.)

But... even when I don't build your emails or manage your Email Service Provider (ESP), you can send me your reports, and I'll analyze your metrics.

I'm looking for areas where we can improve your open rates, click rates, CTOR, and conversions. We'll optimize the nitty-gritty email details to help you grow your business.


Tell me about your project

The A's to your Q's

Do you design or Implement emails?

Do you design or Implement emails?

It depends. I start with strategy and killer conversion-driven copy — emails people want to read, click, and buy from. You’ll get your emails delivered in Google docs with high-converting subject line options for A/B testing, preview text, and wireframed body copy, including recommendations for graphics & images. Depending on your ESP, we may be able to add implementation! 

What will my final emails look like?

What will my final emails look like?

You get all email copy wireframes in Google Docs. They’re simple, clear, and can easily be handed off to your team for design & implementation.

Do you outsource, or will I always be working with you?

Do you outsource, or will I always be working with you?

You will always work with me. 

I’m not an agency, nor do I aspire to grow into one. I love email strategy and copywriting, so that’s my focus — 100%. And I don’t overload my schedule (having fun is important to me, too!), so I only take on a few projects each quarter. I'm committed to building relationships with my partners and providing a stellar experience for them.

If you’re looking for a great independent copywriter — Lindsay is the one.

We have LOVED working with Lindsay, she is absolutely awesome. After a quick onboarding/exploratory session, Lindsay was able to quickly pick up a writing style that fits our brand and was able to put together a detailed plan of attack. We have relied on her to write product descriptions, our company booklet, and email campaigns. If you’re looking for a great independent copywriter — she is the one.

– ALEx K., CEO of Great Basin Coffee Company

Lindsay's knowledge is invaluable!

Lindsay's knowledge of email strategy & writing interesting, engaging copy that resonates with our audience is invaluable. She's always finding new ways to share our impact and amplify our message, build our following, and grow our business.

– Meg Masten, Chief Relationship Officer at CoPeace

Immensely helpful to move my project forward!

Lindsay’s understanding and fresh perspective in translating my content into an email campaign were immensely helpful to move my project forward in a way that I felt confident communicating with my audience. Her excitement, energy, and expertise in leadership & copywriting made me feel comfortable knowing that she could take on the copywriting while I focus on other areas in my business.

– Rory Schaar, Marketing & Business Development Consultant

Shamelessly original emails (not written by a robot)

Talk to me, Goose

Yep — I went there. But let's be serious for a moment.

72% of customers prefer getting messages through email (not ads or social media). Emails raise brand awareness, nurture leads, and increase sales, revenue, and website traffic. Strategic email marketing ensures that your customers experience your brand voice at every touchpoint — from the first time they sign up for your list to every time you send an email.

Writing intriguing, on-brand emails that sound like a human and highlight the great work you’re doing is my jam.
(Sorry, not sorry, AI.)

I’ll harness the power of storytelling to turn your leads into prospects and your prospects into lifetime fans & loyal buyers — all through their inboxes.

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