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Lure your customers in for love at first sight with emails chock full of relevant messaging that educates, builds connection, and sells your readers on your product or services. I'll put the power of your brand voice straight into each email using bite-sized nuggets (not chicken) of value, intriguing stories, and humor to scale and grow your business.

Email Marketing Strategy



Ready to dominate the inbox? I'll help you transform your business with an email roadmap that will increase revenue, reduce churn, and build customer loyalty. Using voice of customer research and insights specific to your business, I'll develop a customized, done-for-you, data-driven email strategy. 


Emails On Fire:
The Essentials 

Ready to gain some serious traction with email marketing? I’ll start by building out an email marketing strategy based on insights, data, and what matters to your unique customers.

This package provides a solid foundation for your email marketing including research you can use (for the long haul!) and a custom Welcome Sequence you can implement immediately.

Does increased revenue sound okay to you?

It's not just about getting to your reader's inbox. It's about safely bringing them back to you.

We'll harness the power of storytelling to turn your ideal customers into loyal buyers — all through their inboxes.

I’ll dive into the back end of your email service platform to study, gather, and analyze the numbers and data (nerd alert!)

The Insights Report outlines my findings and suggests best practices for your company to adopt for email marketing. The Roadmap is a strategy that includes suggestions for customer segmentation, timing for email delivery, and content that your customers want to read.


7-Email Welcome Sequence

Compelling, data-driven, on-brand copy that connects and converts. Delivered for you in a Google doc & ready to go for automation in your email system.

Email copy contains one big idea per email and relevant messaging that educates, builds connection, and soft sells your readers on your products/services. Every email contains 5 high-converting, customer-connecting subject lines for you to choose from.

I’m gonna let you in on a little email marketing secret... it's okay to focus on both purpose and profit. Let's show the world you're a business that makes a positive impact... while watching the zeros multiply in your bank account.

Emails On Fire:
The Essentials

3-4 weeks, my friend.


Each email is ~150-300 words.
I don't handle the tech; it's best implemented by your team or a VA.

Do YOu Handle the Tech?


What’s the investment?

Gimme Email Essentials!


Unstoppable Emails:
The Works

It’s like you’ve died and gone to email heaven.
By the end of this project, you’ll have strategy and insights reports, a sparkling new welcome sequence to properly introduce fans to your brand (luring them in for love at first sight), and 20 custom emails to set up in your email service platform. You can be hands-off while the emails do their thing (cha-ching!) for months to come. It’s seriously amazeballs; it’s the whole shebang; it’s The Works.

You’re burned out and frazzled because you're running a business...

Email marketing has taken a back seat on the to-do list while you focus on other priorities…


You know there's a lot of research and energy that goes into writing engaging, conversion-driven copy. You're looking for a trusted partner who will get you results

If that’s the case, don’t worry. I gotchu. 

With an ROI of 4400% (you read that right!), email marketing is the best investment you can make in your business — by a landslide. The challenge is, you need a strategy, emails, and automation plan. You need: The Works.

Email Marketing Insights Report & Roadmap
An all-inclusive report that outlines research findings, best practices for your company to adopt for your email marketing, a roadmap/strategy with suggestions for customer segmentation, email delivery timing, and content.

Comprehensive Messaging Recommendations Report
In-depth voice of customer raw data, analysis, and messaging copy assessment and suggestions.

You Get...

7-Email Welcome Sequence
In email marketing, first impressions are essential. They're email gold — no, platinum. Welcome emails are your single most important chance to win their hearts.

The 20 Emails Every Business Needs
Are you serious? Oh yes, she is. You better believe this is The Works... you get 20 custom emails of your choice.

Email = Your Lifeline to lucrative marketinG

Why email? Not only do emails have an outta-this-world ROI, but stats show that 72% of customers prefer email, too. Emails raise brand awareness, nurture leads, and increase sales, revenue, and website traffic. Strategic email marketing ensures your customers experience your brand voice at every touchpoint — from when they first sign up for your list to every time you engage with them. 

1. Kick-off call

Kick-Off Call

We'll start by laying the groundwork for our project. It's your chance to brain dump... and we'll cover the project overview, goals, process (including who's involved & how), timeline, and deliverables. It'll be a fun & strategic conversation about your business goals, what impact you’re trying to make, and how we're going to explode your revenue with email marketing!

2 Research & Discovery

3. Report & Strategy

4. Copywriting & Editing

5. Email Delivery

6. Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

1. Kick-Off Call

Research & Discovery

Once you give me access to your email service platform, I dive right in and research what's going on behind the scenes. I'm looking for trends. I'll analyze what's working and what's not working. How are your open rates and click-through rates? How can we improve deliverability and conversions? For messaging, I'll be review mining and studying & analyzing voice of customer research. I'm looking for the right messages and useful intelligence that drives the strategy and the copy.

2. Research & Discovery

3. Report & Strategy

4. Copywriting & Editing

5. Email Delivery

6. Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

1. Kick-Off Call

Report & Strategy

I develop the Insights Report, Email Roadmap, and the Comprehensive Messaging Recommendations Reports (shazam! you're gonna love how thorough and useful these will be... for years to come) and present them to you on our next call. From there, we'll determine what emails to prioritize and how I'm gonna tackle all the copy.

2. Research & discovery

3. Report & Strategy

4. Copywriting & Editing

5. Email Delivery

6. Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

1. kick-off call

Copywriting & Editing

Time for me to work my magic! You're gonna have emails coming out your ears — and you'll love it. Your customers are about to be wow'd by the clever, high-converting copy we'll pack into each subject line and body of every email they see.

2. research & discovery

3. report & strategy

4. Copywriting & Editing

5. Email Delivery

6. Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

1. kick-off call

Email Delivery

Ta-da! Your emails are ready. I'll present the copy to you on a call and give you time to digest the mind-blowing batch of customized high-performing emails. Should we need to implement a round of edits (or two), I'll be standing by, ready to soak in your feedback and polish off the copy so you can implement it.

2. research & discovery

3. report & strategy

4. copywriting & editing

5. Email Delivery

6. Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

1. Kick-Off Call

Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

Never fear — I'm not gonna ghost you as soon as the emails are delivered. I'll pop into the back-end of your email service platform several times over the next 30 days to gather insights, analyze how your emails are performing, and optimize once more for you before we wrap up the project. Exploding your revenue is our goal — we'll be sure the emails are working for you!

2. Research & Discovery

3. Report & Strategy

4. Copywriting & Editing

5. Email Delivery

6. Testing, Validation, & Wrap-Up

The Works: The Process

The Works: FAQs

Start-to-finish, the timeline for The Works is 8-12 weeks. 'Cause we're going deep.

What’s the timeline for The Works?

Depending on the kind of business you have, the 20 emails could be...
abandoned cart, browse abandonment, product promotion/featured product, review/testimonial or survey/feedback gathering, customer appreciation, order confirmation, before it ships, shipping notification/update/delivered, replenishment, out-of-stock/back-in-stock, VIP, win-back, and thank you emails.
Got an idea we missed? Let’s automate it!

What are the 20 Emails Every Business Needs?

Not in execution, but I use evaluation and data to drive the strategy — so I’m involved in the process. The day-to-day email implementation is better suited for your tech person or a VA. I’ll work closely with your designated specialist to ensure things run smoothly so you won’t have to play middle-person in the process — you’ll completely hand off email marketing.

Do you handle the tech side of emails? 


What’s the investment?


If you’re looking for a great independent copywriter — Lindsay is the one.

We have LOVED working with Lindsay, she is absolutely awesome. After a quick onboarding/exploratory session, Lindsay was able to quickly pick up a writing style that fits our brand and was able to put together a detailed plan of attack. We have relied on her to write product descriptions, our company booklet, and email campaigns. If you’re looking for a great independent copywriter — she is the one.

– ALEx K., CEO of Great Basin Coffee Company

Lindsay's knowledge is invaluable!

Lindsay's knowledge of email strategy & writing interesting, engaging copy that resonates with our audience is invaluable. She's always finding new ways to share our impact and amplify our message, build our following, and grow our business.

– Meg Masten, Chief Relationship Officer at CoPeace

Immensely helpful to move my project forward!

Lindsay’s understanding and fresh perspective in translating my content into an email campaign were immensely helpful to move my project forward in a way that I felt confident communicating with my audience. Her excitement, energy, and expertise in leadership & copywriting made me feel comfortable knowing that she could take on the copywriting while I focus on other areas in my business.

– Rory Schaar, Marketing & Business Development Consultant


Rolling out the red carpet... for YOU

Hop on this copy express train when you need a project done fast (like, yesterday). No need to put your name on the waitlist...

I’m rolling out the red carpet for you in the Copy Sprint so you can skip the line. The Copy Sprint delivers a quick & dirty, rapid-fire lightning round o’ copy. It’s all in (two) days’ work.

48 hours: start to finish.
Like chili, it’s always better on day 2. Trust me. Let.the.copy.simmer.

You're a VIP — you want to skip the line (my waitlist)

You want instant access to my vault of email knowledge, quick wit, and smoother than velvet execution

You're ready to take your emails from lackluster to superstar status



When you book a Copy Sprint, your project gets my undivided attention  until it’s ready for send off 🚀 !

Phone is off. Coffee is brewin’. 

COPY SPRINT: 48 hours To Email Gold ($2250 )


How It Works


Book it


Confirm the Copy Sprint in my calendar. Whoop whoop — This is gonna be fun!


Complete the questionnaire

You’ll receive a short questionnaire about your project, goals, and desired deliverable/outcome. Fill it out (the more detail, the better) and send it back to me at least 48 hours before the Sprint so I can prep.


Kickoff call

We start with a Zoom call. We’ll review the answers you provided on the questionnaire and make a plan for the copy I’ll write.


Focus time

 I’ll research, write, and edit the copy for your project.
Then I'll sleep on it.
When I wake up, I'll make edits and polish your copy.



We’ll hop back on another call to review the copy together. If needed, I’ll do a quick round of edits to finalize the copy after we hang up.



I’ll deliver your final copy in a Google doc.

What will you get at the end of the Copy Sprint?

You pick the path — what do you want to cross off your to-do list? From my experience, some examples of projects we might decide to tackle are:

A draft of a sparkling new sales or welcome sequence for your email subscribers (5 emails). Deliverable: a Google doc that includes an outline for the sequence, suggested subject lines, and a draft of each email. 

A copy transformation from dull to daring: Optimization of an existing email sequence or two (up to 10 emails). 'Cause sometimes you don't want to recreate the wheel, you simply want to polish it so that it connects and converts. Deliverable: a Google doc that includes edits and new & improved copy of the subject lines, emails, & CTAs.


Yahoo! Sign me up

Power Hour
Strategic Copy Critique


Writing email conversion copy is hard. And sometimes you need another set of eyes to review and improve an idea you already started. When your copy's falling flat & you need to pump up your emails with pizzazz, book a Power Hour.

Grab a coffee, wine, favorite craft beer or cocktail. We'll hop on an hour-long Zoom call and kick off our Power Hour with a cheers! You’ll tap into my fingers’ creative & scientific juices to help you get crystal-clear on your messaging. 

You already have emails in place...but something is “off.” The copy isn’t converting, or it doesn't sound quite right, but you’re not sure why. 


Why book a copy critique?

You need help making your emails clear, concise, and compelling.

You need a pro’s eyes to deconstruct what’s working well, what’s not working. We'll discuss why you’re not getting the results you hoped for. I'll make conversion-driven suggestions for improvements — so you can win hearts (and wallets).

What’ll you walk away with? A working Google doc that includes all the suggestions we discuss so you can immediately cut-and-paste the copy straight into your email service provider and hit send.

Custom COPY

You have a story.
Let's share it.

When marketing your business feels as complicated as finding replacement parts for your 1984 Volkswagen bus, it can feel like you've lost your way without a map. 

But unlike that 29th mechanic that tells you he doesn't care where you've been, where you're going, or how to fix the bus, you know YOU have a story your customers want to hear.

You make an impact.

And you need to tell it in a way that makes people care.

I'll help you create a strategy and copy that educates, entertains, and sells. By putting the power of your brand voice straight into your copy using bite-sized nuggets of useful info and intriguing stories, I'll infuse your emails with humor, storytelling, and personality to scale and grow your business.


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